Sponsors & Funding

FTBIC has previously received funding from the Government of the Royal Kingdom of Norway and the Rockefeller foundation.

The Government of Uganda is now the main source of funding.


FTBIC has two types of Icubatees:

1-In-house Incubatees:

These receive all the incubation services support including the routine...

Incubatees enterprises to encourage industrial starts up and technology development aimed at value addition as to improve the market access of our products, the school of Food Technology nutrition and bio-engineering established an incubation program at the Department of Food technology and Nutrition aiming at the imparting skills to graduate students, the youth and the prospective entrepreneurs viable technological business ideas with commercial orientation.

A number of incubates enterprises has been seen to increase from zero to 12 with viable business with chains of the products. Some of the incubates enterprise include the following:  Nutreal Ltd which deals in Grain amaranth products, Dawn Industries Ltd specializing in; bottled pineapple nectar and cocktails, Smart Foods producing a soy based product; Tofu, Choice Cuts Ltd concentrating on Sausages and Smoked Meat (Ntalike) production, Jossy Food Processors producing banana juice; ready-to- drink, Samalina Beverages engaged in pineapple Juice; ready-to-drink production, Jordan Foods which has a focus on producing mixed fruit Juices; ready-to-drink, House of Russa which produces the unique Omulondo liquor, Lisha Limited dealing in production of Single strength orange, Passion fruit juices; and Fruit flavorants and Hamko Ltd involved in the canning of katunkuma (Solanum nigrium).