The services we provide include but not limited to the following;

  • Access to food processing equipment for use while testing and developing products for the market
  • Business concept development
  • Product design
  • Technical support in product development and refinement
  • Nutritional analysis of products for nutritional labelling
  • Support to set up quality assurance procedures
  • Sensory and acceptability analysis of foods
  • Brand development
  • Development of market strategy
  • Market studies
  • Business plan development
  • Support for sourcing financing
  • Staff recruiting
  • Skills development in production, market and management
  • Food safety analysis
  • Support with developing equipment specification
  • Equipment, ingredient and packaging sourcing
  • Intellectual property benefit and sharing negotiations

Sensory Analysis

Formulating a successful food product for the market place is a difficult task with many obstacles to long-term success.

Product Development Services

The Food Processing Center has various skills to aid you in the development of your product.
Only a small percentage.

This critical first step in this process includes brainstorming sessions with both marketing and product development staff members.

Laboratory Services

The Food Technology and Business Incubation Center offers comprehensive laboratory services for the analysis and evaluation of food products.

Research & Business Development

Info coming soon..